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  • A pair of tripod straps - available in 2 different sizes
  • Made of thick top-grain leather with solid brass fixings.
  • Made in England.

A pair of thick, strong leather straps. Cut and finished by hand, with solid brass buckles they are designed to secure a small tripod to a Billingham bag (see compatibility list half way down the page).

There are two sizes of straps the '5/8' or the '7/8'.

5/8 7/8
Length 320mm (12⅝") 520mm (20½")
Width 16mm (⅝") 22mm (⅞")
Smallest possible diameter of loop 4.5cm (1¾")
4.5cm (1¾")
Largest possible diameter of loop 8cm (3⅛")
14cm (5½")

The diameter figures are somewhat subjective. Also we would strongly advise against attaching heavy tripods to a bag.

5/8s width is suitable for the:

- 107
- 207
- 307
- 307L
- f2.8
- f1.4
- f8
- 225*
- 335*
- 445*
- 555*
- Packington*
- 550*
- Hadley Large Pro*
- 35 Rucksack
- Other older bags that can fit 16mm (⅝") wide straps.

* These bags can also accept the 7/8s width.

7/8s width is only suitable for:

- 225
- 335
- 445
- 555
- Packington
- 550
- Hadley Large Pro
- Other older bags that can fit 22mm (⅞") wide straps.

Billingham 5/8 and 7/8 Tripod Straps for camera bags

All the sizes and colours of Billingham Tripod Straps.

Can these Tripod Straps be used to attach a tripod to a Hadley Pro, Hadley Pro 2020 or Hadley One?

These bags are NOT designed to support tripod straps - however some people thread them through the side panels (where you would normally fit AVEA pockets) to hang a tripod at the front. This is far from an ideal solution and generally we'd recommend against it.

If you do use the tripods straps for this purpose we'd suggest you only use a small and light tripod.


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