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Billingham guarantee your purchase to be free from material or manufacturing defects for 5 years from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that you have to make a claim under guarantee, registering your bag using the form below should speed up the process (particularly if you've uploaded a copy of your proof of purchase). Wear is not covered under our manufacturers guarantee. 

Registration will also enable us to send you exclusive product news and special offers, if you opt-in using the tick-box. We will not contact you with these offers if you do not tick the box. 

Once we receive your submission it will be manually checked to ensure the bag matches the UI serial number and colour. We will contact you if you have entered any details incorrectly which may prevent registration. Please note there is currently a delay processing registrations while we catch up after Covid.

To register the bag you will need the 10 digit code on the guarantee card or the 'Martin Billingham' signature label. You can usually find that in the back of the bag or under the flap for one of the front pockets and it will look like this:


Billingham UI Serial Number Label


Only the fields marked * are compulsory. We recommend reading through the form before starting to ensure you have all of the relevant information to hand.  Alternatively you can email your responses to the questions below to or send in the guarantee card that came with the bag by post.

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