The Billingham Christmas Gift Guide

Where do you start when buying a Billingham for a loved one (or yourself)? We've made this guide to give you some easy starting points.

Remember if you have any questions you can contact us! Also remember there are stores in over 20 countries stocking our products. Find them here.

Camera Bag section

It's camera bags that we became famous for. They are notable for being handmade in England with 3-layer canvas or 3-layer FibreNyte that is impervious to water - they also feature top-grain leather and solid brass.

Here is a selection of good starting points...

Billingham Hadley Digital Camera Bag

Hadley Digital Camera Bag


A very simple and relatively compact bag. It still has room for a mid-sized DSLR with a small-to-medium lens or a couple of rangefinder style cameras.

Need something smaller? Look at the '72' and the 'Galbin' and 'Stowaway' bags.

Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag

Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag


A little bigger than the 'Hadley Digital'. It has room for a mid-sized DSLR and a couple of small-to-medium lenses (even more for small mirrorless or Leica M gear). The luggage strap on the back is particularly useful while travelling. The padded insert is removable to let you turn the bag into a casual bag in seconds.

Don't need the top-handle or luggage strap? Check out the Hadley Small. It's a favourite of many street photographers as it's so discrete.

Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag

Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag


Our best selling bag. Exactly the same as the 'Hadley Small Pro' - just bigger. This makes carrying 3-4 small-to-medium lenses with a DSLR camera realistic. Also the extra height lets you store a 70-200mm lens (most are approx 200mm (7⅞") long). Again it features a luggage strap on the back and removable camera insert.

If you need to attach the 70-200mm lens to the camera look at the 'Hadley Large' or 'Hadley Large Pro' instead.

Hadley One Camera/Laptop Bag

Hadley One Camera/Laptop Bag



A little bigger in all dimensions than the 'Hadley Pro 2020'. It features a padded 13" laptop slip at the back. The padded camera insert fills half the bag - leaving the other half free for sandwiches etc! A full size insert can be purchased that makes carrying a DSLR with a battery or vertical grip more feasible than with the bags listed above).

Need to carry a 70-200mm lens attached to the camera? Look at the 'Hadley Large'. Need to carry a 15" or 16" laptop? Look at the 'Hadley Large Pro'

225 Camera Bag

225 Camera Bag



A favourite among many photographers with many examples having lasted 30+ years. It's main compartment is 305mm (12") long and 150mm (6") wide. The larger '335', '445' and '555' increase the length and the height of the bag. The front pocket can store an 11" iPad, larger versions can store laptops.

The '555' is the largest bag we make.

207 Camera Bag

207 Camera Bag



A more modern alternative to the 225. It's different closing straps and 'doctors bag' style opening makes it easier to get into the bag while on the move. An internal pocket can carry an 11" iPad Pro.  Also available is the larger '307' version which can store 13" MacBooks.

Leisure Bag section

Made from the same 3-layer fabrics, top-grain leather and solid brass as our camera bags this luxury luggage is great for a work trip or a short-break.

Billingham Overnighter Duffel Bag

Overnighter Duffel Bag


Designed for travel gear rather than cameras they make a great gift for any Billingham fan.

A Hadley Large Pro (with the padded insert removed) also makes a great overnight bag.

Billingham Weekender Duffel Bag

Weekender Duffel Bag


Larger than the Overnighter. Designed for travel gear rather than cameras they make an excellent holdall on a weekend trip.

Billingham Thomas Briefcase

Thomas Briefcase & Laptop Bag


Carry your laptop and/or papers in luxury. Removable umbrella straps on the front make this the ideal companion for the business traveler - even in English weather!

Have a look at our other bags capable of carrying laptops.

Accessory Section

The ideal accompanyment to your Billingham purchase.


Billingham Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads

Various Prices

Most of our larger bags include these as standard. Our smaller ones do not but they can assist greatly in increasing comfort when the bag is heavily packed. Compatibility table on product page.

Billingham Luggage Tallies

Luggage Tallies


Handmade with top-grain leather and brass fixings. A real luxury addition to any Billingham bag or luggage generally.

Billingham AVEA 7 End Pocket

AVEA 7 End Pocket


New design to fit the 'Hadley Small Pro', 'Hadley Pro 2020' and 'Hadley One' bags but also fits some other bags too. Make sure to choose the fabric to match your bag. Other sizes available for other bags.

Billingham AVEA 8 End Pockets

AVEA 8 End Pocket


New design to fit the 'Hadley Pro 2020' and 'Hadley One' bags but also fits some other bags too. Make sure to choose the fabric to match your bag. Other sizes available for other bags.

Billingham Delta Pocket

Delta End Pocket


Great fit for 225, 335, 445, 555, 207 and 307 bags. Please make sure to choose the fabric to match your bag.

Billingham Tripod Straps

Tripod Straps


You can attach these to some (but not all) Billingham bags to enable you to attach a small tripod. Bag compatibility table on product page.

Billingham SuperFlex Partitions

SuperFlex Partitions


You get 1-3 of these included with 225, 335, 445, 555, 207, 307 and 550 bags. Alternative sizes and extras can really help you customise your set-up. Lens and flashes tend to be stored in these - cameras tend to be stored between these. Size chart on product page.

Billingham DF Dividers

DF Divider


Small dividers sold individually. The '15-15' size is particularly useful in the 225, 335, 445, 555, 207, 307 and 550 bags. This is due to it reaching front-to-back inside these bags (as they are all 150mm front to back inside the main compartment) making them good for dividing up the space inside. They can attach to each other for more complex arrangements.

Billingham Front Straps

Front Straps


Replacement front straps for many of our bags. Make sure you chose the right size for yours! 

FAQ Section


I'm still stuck on choosing, any extra advice?

Yes. Here are some key points (with some of them we have assumed the person reading might not be the person who owns the camera so please forgive any oversimplifications):

  • For cameras that have detachable lenses - the number and size of those lenses is far more important than the model of camera when considering what bag to select. The more you aim for the smallest bag possible the more careful you'll need to be to read the sizing specs.
  • Most of our bags are flexible - the 'Hadley' bags especially are very flexible front to back (allowing you to store set-ups larger than the specs suggest). For the example the 'Hadley Pro 2020' has an internal depth of 80mm front to back - the Canon 5D is 113mm tall so it should be impossible to insert lens-down into the bag BUT really it fits VERY easily. The bag flexes to accept the size. On the product pages for our most flexible bags we have included advice about how much you can reasonably expect them to flex.
  • Remember if you are struggling you can contact us for advice. If you can let us know which lenses you need to carry (or at least their size in mm, cm or inches) that will be a big help to us giving you advice. It's natural to have to spend 10-25 minutes to choose the right bag but if you have to spend hours then you probably just need to ask!.
  • DSLR cameras literally have little mirrors inside that move to allow the photograph to be taken. When we say 'mirrorless' cameras we just mean cameras that don't that mirror inside - usually meaning they are at least a little smaller (but not always). So these terms are just generalisations to help people understand quickly. 'Leica M' cameras also mentioned in this article are a pretty consistent size - approx W140 x D40 x H80 mm (W5.50 x D1.50 x H3.20″) the lens will add to the 'D' measurement though.
  • Battery grips can be added to the bottom of cameras to give them better battery life - this does affect what bags they can fit inside though as it makes them much bigger.
  • If you need a starting point look at the 'Hadley Pro 2020' then decide if you need to go bigger or smaller from there. It's small enough for small set-ups and big-enough for big(ish) set-ups - that sweet spot has made it (and it's predecessors) our best selling bag for years.


Where can I see the bags in person?

There are lots of retailers who stock our bags. Remember very few retailers will stock the full range and some might be closed due to Covid so always ring ahead before travelling. Find stores here.


Do you ship all over the world?

Yes we ship to almost every country. You can find more info here


Will I get charged duties or taxes on delivery?

Orders ship from our factory in England. Therefore if you are in the UK or Hong Kong you won't get charged duties or taxes. USA customers won't get charged as long as they keep their order value under about $800 USD. Other countries may get charged - you can find more info at the bottom of our delivery page here.


If I choose the wrong bag can I return it?

If you buy the bag from this website yes. You'll need to return the bag unused, in perfect condition and with tags attached. You have 14 days after delivery to send the bag back. Read our returns policy here.

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