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This small divider has two pieces of hook Velcro on each side, with a small flap on the top. Filled with the same high protective foam as our Divider Sets and SuperFlex inserts, the DF allows you to further split up and divide the interior of your bag.

Designed for use in the Hadley range, f/Stop range, Packington and L2, this item can also be used in conjunction with our larger bags; if the size selected permits. The DF15-15 reaches across front to back inside the 5-Series and 7-Series bags so that can make a good alternative where SuperFlex Partitions aren't suitable.

It is made with brushed nylon (slightly fluffy) fabric to which Velcro can attach - so you can attach a small DF Divider in between two big DF Dividers to further sub-pide space inside.

This item used to be called 'DWF' (Divider-With-Flap).

Size guide:

Item Name Size of Divider Length of Flap Notes
DF 7-10
W70mm (2¾")
H100mm (4")

5.5cm (2⅛")
DF 7-12
W70mm (2¾")
H120mm (4¾")

5.5cm (2⅛")
DF 8-10
W80mm (3⅛")
H100mm (4")

5.5cm (2⅛")
DF 15-15
W150mm (6")
H150mm (6")

5.5cm (2⅛") - This can be used to attach front to back in any 5-series, 7-series or 550 bag.
- Smaller dividers can attach to these to further sub-divide the space.





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