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  • All orders placed on this website are dispatched from our factory in England via UPS to almost every country around the world.
  • Prices are displayed on this website including British VAT. Prices in the cart are displayed without British VAT. British VAT will be deducted in the checkout for customers outside the United Kingdom. 
  • Customers outside the United Kingdom may have to pay taxes or duties on arrival + a UPS processing fee of £10-£20.
    • These fees do not apply to Hong Kong customers.
    • EU customers have to pay local VAT (e.g. 19% in Germany) + a UPS processing fee.
  • We now have a Billingham USA website therefore we no longer ship to the USA from this website, you can visit our USA site where orders will ship from the USA here: or you can swap by clicking on the flag near the top right-hand corner of the website. 
  • Remember you can order from one of our authorised retailers if you prefer.



How much will I be charged shipping and how long will it take?

For in stock items we usually dispatch within one working day, but no more than three working days. All items on our website are in stock if they let you purchase, unless otherwise indicated. 

After dispatching your order, it is dependent on the delivery time to your country. You can find more up-to-date UPS information here: as there are sometimes factors that can delay deliveries that are out of our control.

Please see below to find out usual estimated delivery times and shipping charges. Please be aware that shipping fees do not include any VAT, duty, taxes or UPS processing fees that may be due on delivery if your order is being delivered outside of the United Kingdom

Shipping costs will reduce as your cart value increases.



Delivery Time



1-2 working days

£5 or FREE over £20

Isle of Man

3-5 working days

£30 or £20 or £15 or FREE over £150


2-4 working days

£25 or £15




2-4 working days

£9.95 (£165 minimum order)


1-4 working days


£25.00 or £20.00 (£165 minimum order)


2-6 working days

£9.95 (£165 minimum order)

Czech Republic
(exc Madeira & Azores)

Southern Sweden

3-6 working days

£9.95 (£165 minimum order)

Portugal (exc Madeira & Azores)
(ex Ceuta, Melilla & Canaries)

3-6 working days

£9.95 (£165 minimum order)


(only Azores & Madeira)

(only Ceuta, Las Palmas, Melilla & Tenerife)

5-10 working days

£35 or £30 or £20


Northern Sweden


4-8 working days

£9.95 (£165 minimum order)



Shipments to Greece temporarily paused.

San Marino

2-5 working days

£28 or £23 or £9.95


4-7 working days

£28 or £23 or £9.95


3-6 working days

£35 or £25 or £20

South Africa
South Korea

2-6 working days

£30 or £20 or £15

Hong Kong

2-6 working days

£30 or £20 or £15


Bosnia & Herzegovina
Faroe Islands

5-10 working days

£35 or £30 or £20

New Zealand
United Arab Emirates

4-7 working days


£50 or £45 or £40


China (Mainland)

2-10 days


Rest of World




Please note that shipping prices for Greg Williams X Billingham Bags are priced differently.


I’m in the European Union but my order is under £165, why can’t I order?

Due to EU rule changes on 1st July 2021 we have had to temporarily suspend shipments to the EU where the order total is less than £165.00. If your order is below this limit, we recommend seeing if there is a retailer near you with this item here.


Do the prices displayed include British VAT?

Yes the prices displayed on product pages include British VAT, this VAT will be removed in the checkout when you select a shipping address outside the United Kingdom.

Prices show excluding British VAT in the cart.

Customers outside the United Kingdom should remember they may have to pay local VAT when the item arrives – i.e. 19% in Germany. Additionally, UPS will charge a processing fee of approximately £10-£20.


I am outside the United Kingdom. British VAT is 20% but you have only deducted 16.67% from my price! What is going on?

British VAT (unlike some other forms of sales tax) is 20% on top of the price of the product, but this is generally shown included in the product price.

Here is an example:

  • If a bag's excluding VAT price was £100.
  • For a British customer we must add 20% - making the price the British customer pays £120. This is the price you see on our product pages.
  • Of course, if you remove the VAT the price becomes £100 again, a 16.67% discount compared to what a British customer would pay.


Is COVID-19 affecting deliveries?

We are seeing very limited effects due to COVID-19 at the moment, but due to the continuously changing pandemic situation delays can happen unexpectedly. You can check the service status for UPS here:


Is BREXIT affecting deliveries?

Delivery times have significantly improved recently with most deliveries to EU countries not delayed at all or only delayed a few days.

The exception is Spain, where some deliveries are being delayed several weeks. 

If you have ordered from us and are experiencing delays, please let us know and we will chase UPS as much as we can for you.

Of course Brexit is not causing delays on shipments to countries outside Europe such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan etc.


How do I know if an item is in stock?

All items on our website that appear ‘in stock’ and let you add to cart, we believe to be in stock and should be ready to dispatch within 1 working day.

If for any reason this is not the case, this will be indicated on the individual product page.  


What if an item isn’t in stock?

If an item is showing as out of stock and won’t let you ‘add to cart’, you can click on the ‘notify me when back in stock’ just next to the add to cart button. Once you have submitted your email address, it will sign you up to an email notification which will automatically email you as soon as we have stock again.

In the unlikely event that an item is incorrectly listed as in stock when it shouldn’t be (a stock error that is very rare) we are usually able to make it within 3 working days. Should the delay be longer than this, we will contact you. 

We ship directly from our factory and we are continuously manufacturing stock. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated, items that are out of stock should come back. We try to prioritise items that we know people are waiting for, because of this we do encourage you to sign up to the ‘notify me when back in stock’ if you are waiting.


What courier do you use?

  • We use UPS as our courier as they provide a reliable, around the world service. However, there are some countries where UPS don’t operate themselves but they have a partner courier company that they will pass the parcel to.
  • In busy periods UPS can hire temporary drivers which means your order may be delivered in an unmarked UPS van.
  • We are unable to use a different courier, we can only apologise for any inconvenience.


Where do you deliver?

We ship worldwide, with only a few exceptions due to UPS not delivering there. We are temporarily not delivering to Greece.

We no longer ship to the USA from our UK or ROW website as we now have a Billingham USA website. You can visit our USA site where orders will ship from the USA here: 


Why isn’t my shipment traceable yet?

When we dispatch orders on our website you will receive your UPS tracking number. There can be a delay between when your shipping label is created and when the first scan is received upon the parcels arrival at the depot.

Please be aware that we only dispatch orders Monday-Friday. 


What if I’m not in when UPS try to deliver?

Don’t worry, if nobody is available at your address to take a delivery, UPS will either try again the next working day or they will leave your parcel at a local depot/drop off location. UPS will leave a note to say that they’ve called and details of how to contact them directly if you need to.

UPS will not attempt delivery more than three times, after three attempts it will be returned to us at the factory.


Can I change the delivery address after purchasing?

Unfortunately we can only send your order to the delivery address that was provided when the order was made, this is in line with our payment processor rules.

If you need to change the shipping address, please contact us at and we can cancel your order to enable you to re-order with a different shipping address.


If I return my order, will I get refunded the original postage charges?

If you choose to return your whole order within fourteen days after the day you receive your goods, you must email us first and we will send you instructions. All items must be returned in their original packaging with tags attached and be in a perfect, unused, unsoiled condition. Once we receive the items back and they have passed inspection, we will refund the standard postage and packaging costs you paid as part of that order (if any), in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Unless the products are faulty, you will have to pay the costs of sending the order back to us for a return.

We do not refund any customs or duties charges that you may have paid. 

We will not refund any postage charges if you cancel or return your order after 14 days, or if you only cancel part of your order.

You can find details of our returns policy here.


How will the order be packaged when it is sent to me?

We ship all our bags in a strong, plain cardboard box that is built to resist impact, helping avoid damage during transit. Accessories will either be sent in a box or a padded envelope as appropriate to ensure they reach you safely. The packaging is discrete to avoid attracting attention, it does feature our return address and company name but only in very small letters on the shipping label.

Our AVEA End Pockets are sent in an additional retail box, whilst we appreciate some may find this unnecessary, they are packaged like this to enable our retailers to display them easily in shops and currently it would cause too much disruption in the production process to repack them, but we are looking into this for the future.


Can you ship to PO Box Addresses?

Unfortunately we are NOT able to ship to ‘PO Box’ addresses. Please make sure that you enter a valid street address (such as a home or business address) otherwise we will have to cancel and refund your order.


Can you ship to BFPO/APO/FPO/DPO Addresses?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to deliver to BFPO/APO/FPO/DPO addresses as UPS are unable to ship there. However, some of our retailers are able to ship to there:

WEX Photo Video
Wilkinson Camera
Clifton Cameras




Will I get charged customs fees?

Customers in the UK, Isle of Man or Hong Kong will not get charged customs fees.

If you are outside of the UK, you may get charged local VAT, taxes or customs fees + UPS processing fee for importing your order into the country. Unfortunately we cannot predict with certainty how much these charges would be as they vary from country-to-country and product-to-product.

The customer will be responsible for paying these taxes and fees.

This website can provide estimates of what duties may be, but please note that these are only estimates and we are unable to offer a refund if this website produces incorrect estimates:


Please also remember that an additional UPS processing/brokerage fee will be added to this – this will be approximately £10-£20.


Please be aware:

  • You may be asked to pay these fees before the courier will deliver.
  • If you refuse delivery and the parcel is returned to us, the customs or local VAT may still be due and will be deducted from your refund, in addition to return carriage fees.


Below are some notes about specific countries based on our research and experience. Please note they are provided for reference only - we'd always encourage customers to check the rules in their country for themselves.





We are currently researching this based on customer feedback - please contact us with your experiences. Please note however that we do not collect GST therefore it is sensible to work on the assumption that this will be charged when the item arrives.


Canadian Residents can find a Duty and Taxes Estimator here: Please note we cannot be responsible for inaccuracies of results produced.

European Union

For orders made on or after 1st January 2021 destination VAT (20% in France, 24% in Finland etc) will be payable on delivery.

UPS (our courier) will usually collect this charge from you before delivery. Additionally, UPS will charge a small processing fee (about £10-£20 for collecting this payment).

Please note that, British VAT is not being charged on orders to the EU.


Due to EU rule changes on 1st July 2021 we are temporarily suspending shipments to the EU where the order total is less than £165.

Special country notes: 
Spain - Some shipments sent to Spain are being asked for a Tax ID number by UPS before delivery. You can speed passage of your parcel through customs by completing this Power of Attorney form and sending a signed scan of it by email to We will add the tracking number, product and value details the form asks for then attach it to the outside of the package and/or supply it electronically to UPS.

Germany - Customers making an order over €1,000 should complete this Power of Attorney form and send a signed scan of it by email to immediately after ordering. We will attach it to the outside of the package and/or supply it electronically to UPS. Customers placing orders below €1,000 do not need to complete this form.

Poland - Customers making an order over €1,000 should complete this Power of Attorney form and send a signed scan of it by email to immediately after ordering. We will attach it to the outside of the package and/or supply it electronically to UPS. Customers placing orders below €1,000 do not need to complete this form.

UPS have told us that these forms are only needed the first time a customer imports from outside the European Union by UPS (regardless of the seller). Therefore we won't ask or chase you for them - we will just send the package as normal if they are not supplied to us. If you don't supply them to have but should have UPS will simply ask you for them later resulting in a small delay.

In our experience only customers in Spain, Germany (over €1,000) and Poland (over €1,000) are asked by UPS to complete these forms. We have not encountered customers from other EU countries being asked for them.

Hong Kong

We note that customers in Hong Kong don't get charged customs at all, but we encourage you to double check in case rules have changed. More information: here


Please be aware that customers in Indonesia often have to pay quite high customs fees.


Customers in Singapore don't usually get charged customs on orders under S$400. More information: here

It seems that Singapore customs use an estimated figure for shipping and insurance that is a bit higher than the shipping fee we charge customers. This means Singapore customs might think the value is slightly higher than it really is.

South Africa

Customers in South Africa may have to register as an importer if making more than 3 orders from abroad in the same year - this total includes orders made from other sellers (Amazon etc). UPS are likely to ask you for your 'Importers Code' once the item reaches South Africa if this is the case - we have no way of knowing this before we ship the item to you.

If this might apply to you, we recommend that you register and get this code before ordering from us to avoid problems with the delivery. More information:


Orders shipped to Switzerland may be charged customs fees - you can find out more here:

United Kingdom

Customers in the UK are charged British VAT when ordering and will not be charged customs charges as the items ship from our factory at Cradley Heath (in the West Midlands) in England.


We no longer ship to the USA from this site. Consider ordering from instead. Orders on that site ship from stock held in the USA so there are no customs fees due.



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