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Black FibreNyte / Black Leather

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  • An evolution of our previous f-Stop bags - such as the f1.4 & f2.8.
  • Constructed from 3-layer waterproof FibreNyte material.
  • Main compartment is padded on all 6 sides (including lid) to protect your precious equipment.
  • Rear internal pocket.
  • Top-grain leather and brass fittings.
  • 'Quick Release System' front straps.
  • Optional '5/8' tripod straps can be attached to the front.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Made in England.
  • Only available from B&H Photo Video.

The Billingham f8.0 bag is an evolution of our previous 'f-stop' bags. It is designed to provide great protection for your equipment in the city or the country.

The main flap tapers down around the sides of main compartment to prevent rain or snow getting in. Additional protection is granted by the padded flap underneath the main flap that not only provides further protection from dust and weather but also means that the contents of the bag are padded on all sides.

The main compartment features a padded divider that is removable and repositionable with Velcro® which allow you to custom fit the bag to your specific needs. It provides space to carry a mid-sized DSLR (without battery grip) or mirrorless camera (with battery grip) and two small to medium lenses (one attached to the camera). For example a Sony A7 (with grip) and 24-105mm f4 G lens attached sat next to a 50mm lens, or a Canon 5D MkIV (without grip) with EF 24-105mm F/4L IS USM attached sat next to a 50mm lens.

A rear internal pocket gives you room for a passport, memory cards and batteries (can also be used for a 9.7inch iPad or iPad Mini - see FAQs). For added protection, the removable, soft nylon covered waterproof base uses closed-cell foam in its construction to provide structure to the bag and extra protection from bumps.

If you need to carry a tripod, you can attach one by threading optional '5/8' tripod straps through the two sets of ‘D’ shaped holes which are located under the main stud fasteners. The f8.0 will easily fit into an aircraft’s overhead locker.

The f8.0 is made of FibreNyte bonded to butyl rubber for the ultimate in weather resistance. Of course like all our camera bags it is made in England.

External Dimensions
W280mm (11") x D160mm (6¼") x H210mm (8¼")

Internal Dimensions
W260mm (10¼) x D130mm (5⅛) x H160mm (6⅝)

0.66 kgs (1.45lb)

5 litres (0.18 feet³)

2 (Main compartment + 1 internal pocket at the back)

Full-length rear slip pocket
W240mm (9⅜) x D Nominal x H170mm (6¾")
Capacity: Nominal

Shoulder Sling Measurements
Length: can be adjusted between 860mm (33⅞) to 1460mm (57½) approx.
Width: 38mm (1½").

Colour of Internal Lining

Colour of Outside of Bag Colour of Inside Lining
Black FibreNyte / Black Leather Olive

Outer Fabric: FibreNyte fabric bonded to polyester lining with a layer of butyl rubber.
Lining (where not attached to outer): Polyester
Padding: Closed-cell foam.
Details: Real leather (cow-hide) and brass.

  • 1 'f8' padded divider
    Width: 145mm (5⅝) ----- plus Velcro at each end
    Height: 140mm (5½)

  • 1 'f8' padded basepad
    Length: 230mm (9")
    Width: 130mm (5⅛)
    Thickness: 25mm (1")

  • Billingham Drawstring Bag 'Size D'

Will an iPad fit in the rear internal sleeve?
Yes a 9.7" iPad (2017 & 2018) will fit in the rear sleeve - but that pocket isn't padded on it's rear side.

Does this bag need re-proofing to keep it waterproof?
No. The fabric is made of 3 layers - the middle layer is butyl rubber. Water cannot pass through this butyl rubber layer. As long as you don't get a hole in the fabric or expose it to harsh chemicals (for example in a washing machine) the fabric should remain waterproof for many years. There is no need to apply re-proofing.

Does this bag use a removable padded insert?
No - in this bag the padding is sewn into the lining of the bag.

What is the difference between 'Canvas' and 'FibreNyte'?
In simple terms ‘Canvas’ or ‘FibreNyte’ refers to top layer of fabric on our bags – the facecloth.

‘Canvas’ is a mix of cotton and polyester. ‘FibreNyte’ refers to our face fabric that is completely synthetic. Canvas is hard wearing, FibreNyte is very hard wearing.

Both fabrics are bonded to a non-wicking polyester backing fabric with a middle layer butyl rubber – this rubber layer makes both fabrics equally (and very) waterproof. Water can’t get through that rubber layer.

Both fabrics have a similar weave - the FibreNyte looks similar to canvas. Canvas is slightly softer to the touch, FibreNyte is slightly rougher to the touch.

People tend to choose Canvas if they want the bag to age gracefully and look vintage over time. This is particularly true of people who choose our ‘Khaki Canvas’ fabric as this looks particularly lovely as it ages.

People tend to choose FibreNyte if they want the bag to look newer for longer or if they are particularly hard on their gear - for example by carrying the bag to work with them every day, doing a lot of hiking or filling it particularly full. If you are buying a black bag it’s particularly worth considering FibreNyte as it will stay looking blacker longer.

Which shoulder pad fits this bag?
The 'SP15' and 'SP40' sizes both fit this bag. The 'SP15' has more grip whereas the 'SP40' has more padding. For most customers we recommend the SP40 shoulder pad.

Do I need a shoulder pad for this bag?
The shoulder pad isn't essential but can stop the strap from digging into your shoulder if you carrying heavy equipment inside the bag or carrying it for long periods. It can also reduce the chances of the bag slipping off your shoulder if you don't wear it across the body. Remember only the 'SP15' and 'SP40' sizes fit this bag. Buying it with the bag will save the postage cost of buying it separately later.

Some of your bags have removable padded inserts. Does this bag have a removable padded insert?
No - on this bag the padding is sewn into the walls of the bag. However, the padded dividers are removable (they attach inside with Velcro®).


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