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For most people the Weekender will be sufficient as it is - its soft construction helping you get through crowds or fit it in an airline's overhead lockers. But some will want to give the bag some extra structure - for those people we have designed the 'Weekender Basepad'.

It completely covers the base of the bag and is constructed of two layers of high quality closed cell foam on top of each other. Between those two foam pads we have added a wooden plinth down the centre third that acts to prevent the bag bowing in the centre. Of course, because the wood is confined to the centre third the sides of the bag remain soft and can still conform to the side of your body keeping the bag comfortable to carry for longer journeys.

For added finish we have covered the foam base in our standard 'olive' coloured internal fabric - matching the inside of the Weekender. Further two rows of stitching down the middle of the base hold the wooden plinth in place and keep the layers of foam together for longevity and optimal function.


- This product will not fit the Overnighter bag. The Overnighter is smaller and as a result; it does not benefit from a basepad in the same way.
- The basepad is now included with the Weekender since the product was revised.

External Dimensions: W500mm x D260mm approx


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