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Model Number: 528747

Barcode: 5035627104980

NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION (Produced 1991 to 2010).

Sold out


NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION (Produced 1991 to 2010).


A neat and compact solution


As their name implies, there is nothing complicated about Simplies, but we think you will find they're invaluable for keeping dust, sand, etc. away from all kinds of kit.


Their most obvious use is for lens protection, but they are also really useful for films, memory cards, USB sticks, leads, sunglasses, pens, and all the little things that can so easily get misplaced – or scratch your equipment. They are made from two layers of fine, micro-fibre nylon with a drawstring closure and a Billingham embossed top grain leather base with closed-cell foam padding for added shock protection.


We made Simplies in seven sizes. Deciding which ones you need is, well, simple. The first number indicates the diameter of the base and the second gives you the height (both measurements are in millimetres).


The sides of the Simplies flare out slightly to give a larger diameter at the neck so that it is easy to access the contents when the drawstring closure is fully open.


Billingham Simplies - Internal Diagram

Internal Diagram for the Simplies and their use.


Size Table

Model Code Diameter Height
70/100 70mm (2¾") 100mm (4")
80/170 80mm (3⅛") 170mm (6¾")
90/195 90mm (3½") 195mm (7¾")
100/160 100mm (4") 160mm (6¼")
100/220 100mm (4") 220mm (8⅝")
100/270 100mm (4") 270mm (10⅝")
130/170 130mm (5⅛") 170mm (6¾")

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