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  • One of our oldest styles of bag
  • Removable padded insert to turn the bag from a camera bag to a casual bag.
  • Constructed from our 3-layer waterproof canvas.
  • Real full grain leather and brass fixings.
  • Features two front pockets and two side pockets. Additionally zippered rear pocket for document storage.
  • Leather waist strap (included) to keep bag in place while walking.
  • Includes SP20 Shoulder Pad.
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Made in England.
  • Please note this bag is now no longer in production.

One of our original and still most popular bags, the spacious Packington is a mid-to-large sized bag for the discerning photographer. You can safely fit a useful amount of kit into it and still have room for a change of clothes. Many Packington buyers find they are perfect for their medium format camera gear or audio / visual equipment. Others don’t use them as camera bags at all, they just love the look of them and naturally, that’s fine with us!

Its one-piece rain flap, Quick Release System and large, zipped front pockets all help to create the Packington’s clean, classic look. At either end is an integrated pocket with flap and two-position press stud closures so you can let it out when the pocket is full of kit or tighten it when it is only lightly loaded. The back features a full-length zipped pocket (perfect for documents) and a 25mm wide Waist Strap Attachment with quick release system fitting which provides greater security by keeping it close. On the front of the bag are two more large pockets.

Unzip the main compartment and you will find a removable padded insert complete with two removable padded vertical dividers and two padded flaps. The dividers attach to the inside of the removable insert using Velcro® making the bag extremely flexible. With the insert, it is a roomy camera / audio visual bag. Remove the padded insert and it becomes a spacious and stylish way of carrying just about anything from camera or audio gear to a laptop and paperwork.

To help preserve its good looks, the corners are reinforced with top-grain leather while brass feet protect the underside. You can even attach your tripod with the optional straps, making the Packington an incredibly versatile choice.

The bag is made with our canvas fabric bonded to butyl rubber - this causes the bag to be exceptionally weather resistant as well as giving the fabric a lovely 'drape'.

Like all Billinghams the Packington is made in England and comes with our 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.

The closest replacement for this bag is the Billingham Hadley One

External Dimensions
W460mm (18⅛") x D190mm (7½") x H320mm (12⅝")

Internal Dimensions
W320mm (12⅝") x D120mm (4¾") x H220mm (8⅝")

8 litres (0.28 feet³)

1.65 kgs (3.64 lbs)


Front zipped pockets (x2) W180mm (7⅛") x D30mm (1¼") x H300mm (11⅞")
Capacity (each) 2 litres (0.07 feet³)

Rear zipped pocket W360mm (14½") x D Nominal x H250mm (9⅞")
Capacity Nominal

End pockets (x2)
W120mm (4¾") x D 40mm to 50mm (1½" to 2") x H190mm (7½")
Capacity (each) 0.75 litres (0.03 feet³)

Shoulder Sling Measurements
Length: can be adjusted between 900mm (35½") to 1550mm (61") approx.
Width: 50mm (2").

Colour of Internal Lining

Colour of Outside of Bag Colour of Inside Lining
Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather Olive
Black Canvas / Tan Leather Olive
Black Canvas / Black Leather Olive

This bag is out of stock. How can I buy it?
You may find some shops with stock left - you can find a list of stores: here.

Alternatively we offer a custom service - where for an extra fee we can make recently retired designs like this. Find more info here.

Which shoulder pad fits this bag?
The SP20 and SP50 shoulder pads fits this bag. The bag comes with an SP20 shoulder pad as standard.

What is the difference between 'Canvas' and 'FibreNyte'?
In simple terms ‘Canvas’ or ‘FibreNyte’ refers to top layer of fabric on our bags – the facecloth.

‘Canvas’ is a mix of cotton and polyester. ‘FibreNyte’ refers to our face fabric that is completely synthetic. Canvas is hard wearing, FibreNyte is very hard wearing.

Both fabrics are bonded to a non-wicking polyester backing fabric with a middle layer butyl rubber – this rubber layer makes both fabrics equally (and very) waterproof. Water can’t get through that rubber layer.

Both fabrics have a similar weave - the FibreNyte looks similar to canvas. Canvas is slightly softer to the touch, FibreNyte is slightly rougher to the touch.

People tend to choose Canvas if they want the bag to age gracefully and look vintage over time. This is particularly true of people who chose our ‘Khaki Canvas’ fabric as this looks particularly lovely as it ages.

People tend to choose FibreNyte if they want the bag to look newer for longer or if they are particularly hard on their gear - for example by carrying the bag to work with them every day, doing a lot of hiking or filling it particularly full. If you are buying a black bag it’s particularly worth considering FibreNyte as it will stay looking blacker longer. Also Sage FibreNyte is particularly attractive as a colour – it’s probably the most popular colour among our staff!


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