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  • Not to be confused with our current range of laptop and tablet slips which can be found here.
  • Designed to provide a padded laptop compartment in the front pocket of 5-series bags.
  • Hard wearing polyester on the outside, unusually soft and smooth nylon lining inside.
  • Made of two layers of foam - harder and denser on the outside to provide protection from knocks and soft inside for extra cushioning.
  • 'Screen Saviour' semi-rigid plastic shield built into one side to provide extra protection for screens.


The Billingham 'Computer Slip's are designed to fit into the front pocket of Billingham 5-series bags - for the storage of some of the old 'G4 PowerBooks' (although some of the very new MacBooks fit in them too).

Billingham Computer Slips are covered in olive green coloured fabric - hard wearing polyester on the outside and very soft and smooth nylon on the inside. The walls of the Computer Slip are made of twin-density foam - harder on the outside to protect from bumps and soft on the inside to provide extra cushioning. On one side of the Computer Slip is a 'Screen Savior' a semi-rigid plastic sheet to give added protection against bumps to the computers screen lid when it is closed.

The Computer Slip can be closed with the Velcro tabs on its lid. It comes in the following sizes:


Computer Slip Size Fits Which Bags? External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Fits Which Devices?
12 inch 335, 445, 555 310mm (12¼") x 260mm (10¼") x 50mm (2") 280mm (11") x 240mm (9½") x 40mm (1⅝") iPad Mini, iPads with 9.7inch or 10.2inch screens, iPad Pro 10.5inch or 11inch screens and 12inch PowerBook G4 (yes its an old design!). 12inch Modern MacBook (2015 onwards). Does NOT fit the 12.9 inch iPad.
15 inch 445, 555 360mm (14¼") x 300mm (11⅞") x 50mm (2") 350mm (13¾") x 260mm (10¼") x 40mm (1⅝") 12inch Modern MacBook,  13 inch MacBook Pro, 14 MacBook Pro, 15 inch MacBook Pro (late 2016 size) and 15 inch PowerBook G4. Also any size iPad. Does NOT fit 16inch or 17inch MacBooks.



We would highly recommend checking out photos of the items here and here before purchase. Customers should also understand that these slips are a tight fit in the front pockets of the above named bags (deliberately - but some people prefer a looser fit). These slips only fit in bags listed above - in particular, they do not fit in the '550' bag.


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