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  • Only available from Leica Stores and Leica Boutiques.
  • Improved version of our previous 'SL Bag' - features luggage trolley retainer strap on the back and weatherproof zips on the main compartment and back pocket.
  • Designed specially to fit the Leica SL or Leica SL2 camera with a 24-90mm zoom lens (however fitting other cameras/lenses is possible).
  • Strong leather side patches for attaching Billingham AVEA 3 or AVEA 5 pockets or Leica End Pockets.
  • 'Quilted' diamond pattern lining and extra deep foam padding.
  • Comes with one padded divider. Dividers from many of our other bags will also fit.
  • Constructed from 3-layer waterproof canvas material.
  • Real top grain leather and brass fixings.
  • Comes with 'SP40 Small' shoulder pad. A smaller version of our SP40 shoulder pad.
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Made in England.

By popular request from customers we made several improvements to our previous SL Bag to coincide with the launch of the new Leica SL2 camera - a luggage trolley retainer strap and weatherproof zips on the main compartment and back pocket.

Of course, we kept the features that made the original SL bag so special - like the deeper than usual padding and 'quilted' diamond pattern lining unique to this bag.

While designed to carry the Leica SL or Leica SL2 with 24-90mm lens (with or without lens hood) it does have some flexibility to carry other cameras. Its internal, repositionable padded divider can be moved to accommodate the camera with a shorter lens attached and another small lens to the side (or other items).

The bag also has the same large front dump pocket - ideal for lens caps, sweets and rolls of film. It's zippered pocket on the back - ideal for maps, passports etc now comes with the above-mentioned weatherproof zip. Finally there are two thin pockets created by the gap between the front and back padding and the outside walls of the bag.

Of course, it has all the other features you would expect of a Billingham bag - top grain leather, solid brass details and exceptional weather resistance that never needs re-applying.

The bag is made in England and covered by our 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

External Dimensions:
W330mm (13") x D150mm (5⅞”) x H230mm (9⅛”)

Internal Dimensions:
W270mm (10⅝”) x D110mm (3⅜”) x H160mm (6¼”)

4.45 litres (0.15 feet³)

1.0 kgs (2.20 lbs)

Pockets (4):

Front Pocket:
W250mm (9⅞") x H150mm (7⅞”)
Capacity: Nominal

Space between internal padding and outside of bag (x2):
W230mm (9⅛”) x H180mm (7⅛”)
Capacity: Nominal

Rear zippered pocket:
W230mm (9⅛”) x H130mm (5⅛")
Capacity: Nominal

Shoulder Sling Measurements
Length: can be adjusted between 930mm (36⅝") to 1630mm (64⅛") approx.
Width: 38mm (1½").

Please note:

  • The bottom of the padded base is not flat like in our other bags. It has indents so as to perfectly fit the Leica SL and Leica SL2 camera on its side with the 24-90mm zoom lens.
  • Luggage trolley strap retainer will fit handles approximately 20cm wide - however if the top of the handle is slightly bigger than this you can 'jimmy' it over the top handle to put the bag on.

Colour of Internal Lining

Colour of Outside of Bag Colour of Inside Lining
Khaki FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive
Sage FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive
Black FibreNyte / Black Leather Black (with red stitching)

Does this bag fit the first Leica SL Camera?
Yes it does! for testing we paired it with the 24-90mm lens. Other lenses may work too.

What are the differences between this and the first SL bag?
The SL2 bag has:

  • A luggage trolley retainer strap on the back.
  • A weatherproof zip over the main compartment.
  • A weatherproof zip over the rear pocket.
  • Slightly taller padding inside to make it easier to tuck the zip behind the padded walls when in use.

The above aren't available on the first SL bag.

Do all the colour bags have the red stitching inside?
No. Only the 'Black FibreNyte/Black Leather' bags are black inside with red stitching. Other colours are olive coloured inside with olive stitching.

Some of your bags have removable padded inserts. Does this bag have a removable padded insert?
No - on this bag the padding is sewn into the walls of the bag. However, the padded dividers and padded base are removable (they attach inside with Velcro®).

The padded base in this bag is is contoured to fit the SL2 camera. But I don't want those contours! Can the base inside be replaced for a 'normal' flat one?
Yes - sort of! The Padded Base for the 'S3' bag is quite a good fit (although not an exact match). It is slightly thinner and doesn't feature any contours. Please note that this base pad is available only in 'Olive' or 'Chocolate' colours.

The S3 divider set looks like it would fit in this bag, is that correct?
Yes the Divider Set for the 'S3' bag is a good fit - again though not an exact match for the dividers that come with the bag. Please note that this divider set is available only in 'Olive' or 'Chocolate' colours.


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