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Model Number: 528070

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Supplied as pair of replacement Front straps. Just like the ones that come with the bags these are made of real leather.

Here is a chart showing the sizes:


 Size Name  Fits which bags
Hadley Standard (Stitched) Hadley Pro, Hadley Original*, Hadley Small, Hadley Large, Hadley One
Hadley Standard (Unstitched) Hadley Pro, Hadley Original*, Hadley Small, Hadley Large, Hadley One

(Supplied as standard with the Hadley One)
Hadley Small Pro Hadley Small Pro
Eventer Eventer






  • These straps are already included with purchases of the Eventer, Hadley Digital, Hadley Small, Hadley Small Pro, Hadley Pro and Hadley Large. You only need to purchase them if you have lost yours or want new ones.
  • If you have lost yours you may have been using the bag wrong - Hadley front straps are opened by sliding the top of the strap off the brass clogball. The buckle is only used very occasionally to adjust the fit of the bag. In normal use they are almost impossible to misplace.
  • The two tone colours are our standard leather on the front, with a rough red underside.
  • Please make sure that you pick the correct size straps for your bag or they won't function correctly.
  • The 'Hadley Small' and 'Hadley Small Pro' use different size straps. Please make sure you pick the correct one.
  • *Very old 'Hadley Original' bags come with a spherical clogballs/brass studs. If you have one of these and need replacement front straps please contact us so that we can supply you with the correct type of front strap for your bag (the modern ones will be too loose).
  • The 'Hadley Standard (Stitched)' and 'Hadley Standard (Unstitched)' are the same size - they only vary in whether they have stitching round the edge.


Hadley Front Straps in Use


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