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Marianne Q - 25 Rucksack Review



Marianne Q creates visual stories that radiate the passion of the entrepreneur. Does corporate reports and is a portrait photographer. Her studio is located in an old industrial building. This is where her passion for old buildings and raw terrain comes in handy.

She is also a judge for the Unlike Photo Awards, works with Colorwood Photo and provides online courses and podcasts for PixelUnie the Netherlands.


Marianne Q photo
Photo of Marianne Q


The Billingham 25 Rucksack for cameras



A beautiful picture tells a story. The photographer wants to create a unique image. To capture such a picture, you need knowledge of technique, the right lighting, creativity and a love for photography. 

It is no different for the Billingham Rucksack.

The Rucksack is designed with attention to every detail with high-quality materials, handmade and unique. Besides the fact that the bag is guaranteed to be waterproof and it protects your equipment very well, it is of course also simply beautiful to look at. 


"It's so beautiful!"

That was the first thing I thought when I held the backpack in my hands. The quality is outstanding. 

The dark leather gives the bag a luxurious look. The colour combination of this bag is perfect! I immediately notice the inside of the bag is also green. This not only looks great but is also very convenient since all my equipment is black. This way I don't have to search for that loose lens cap that I always throw in my bag during a photo shoot. 


Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack

Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack


Beautiful details

  • Brass buckles and caps 
  • The beautiful brown leather with the lighter stitching
  • The colour combination of army green with brown leather and brass
  • The consistent implementation of the colour on the inside
  • Leather patches at the sides
  • Double zippers

Tip: you can attach AVEA pouches to the leather patches if you need extra storage


    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack Sage

    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack


    Why a backpack?

    During my jobs on rough terrain, it has often happened that I put my bag down somewhere for a while. Now the bag can stay on my back. That way, I never forget it and dust and dirt have no chance of getting into the bag. 

    The sturdy shoulder straps distribute the weight well over both shoulders. So I hardly notice that I have all of the equipment on my back!


    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack

    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack  


    Ideal in the city

    There are jobs where I like to make a charming arrival. I wear a nice outfit, and now I have a beautiful bag to match. Again, the bag stays on my back for the entire job, giving me a lot of freedom of movement while shooting. 

    The backpack not only looks great with my outfit but also doesn't stand out as a camera bag. It feels safer that not everyone knows my bag is full of valuable equipment. 


    Billingham 25 Rucksack being rained on!

    Billingham 25 Rucksack in Sage FibreNyte with Chocolate Leather 


    Waterproof and protection

    The exterior is made of highly waterproof material. Spraying with a water repellent spray is not necessary. Over the zipper of the main compartment is a rain flap that you can pull with elastic cords and over the zipper of the front pocket is a collar of fabric that is beautifully finished with a leather rim.

    Of course, I want to put this waterproof promise to the test myself. So I bravely get on my bike and endure a big rain shower. There truly isn't a drop of water to be found on the inside of the bag. The only thing that sustained water damage during this test was my haircut. 

    Now let's have a look at the protection on the inside. I unzip it and feel with my hand that there is a thick layer of foam padding in the bag. The foam goes all the way around the inside, is upholstered and completely disappears under the beautifully finished edge where the zipper is. The divider compartments also feel sturdy, which is great, because it also provides extra protection. 

    Waterproof    ✓

    Protection      ✓


    Bonus fact:

    On the inside of the shoulder straps and on the side where the bag touches your back, there is a strip of breathable fabric. So no sweaty back and shoulders on a hot day. 



    The bag tends to tip forward as soon as I put it on the brass caps. By applying some pressure on the back, it stays in place a little better. But to turn a negative into a positive, the bag sits so well on my back that putting it down is often unnecessary. 


    The materials: when it comes to the materials used, it is taken into account that the bags must be able to withstand extreme conditions. 

    Top grain leather: strong, resistant to wear and stains.

    FibreNyte: artificial fabric with polyester lining is abrasion and colour resistant. 

    Brass fittings: beautiful appearance, strong and does not rust

    The zippers: interwoven teeth in the support band. Super strong and beautifully flat.

    Belts and straps: spun polyester, extremely strong and wear resistant


    Billingham 25 Rucksack in Sage with iPad and camera gear

    Detail shots of Billingham 25 Rucksack by Marianne Q 


    What fits inside?

    The Billingham bag looks compact, but I am amazed at what it can hold. 

    • Body 1DX MARKII
    • Lens 70-200mm
    • Lens 24-70mm
    • Lens 50mm
    • Profoto A1 + attachment
    • Tablet
    • Canon batteries and a pack of AAA batteries
    • Folder with SD cards
    • Some more loose items


    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack

    Marianne Q with Billingham 25 Rucksack  


    Determine value

    As a photographer, don't tell a client what you cost, but what you are worth. That's a golden rule for me. It's the same with this Billingham rucksack. 

    It's really worth it!

    Are you still a bit impressed with the cost of this bag and do you need to determine the value for yourself? Then consider that this bag is also sustainable. It is made in England and will last a lifetime. 

    The way I started the story is the way I can end it. The Billingham bag is unique, has beautiful details and offers perfect protection. 

    My perfect bag!





    Website: Marianne van der Quast | Marianne Q – Fotografie


    This article was originally published in Dutch by our distributor Degreef & Partner in the Netherlands here.


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