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Replacement Bases for our bags - great if you have lost or damaged yours. Remember these are only needed or supplied in some of our bags - for example they don't fit in bags that have removable inserts.

Here is a chart showing which base fits which bag:

Base Name Size of Basepad Bags Fitted
100 SuperFlex 240mm (9½") x 150mm (6") 107
200 SuperFlex 290mm (11½") x 150mm (6") 225 & 207
300 SuperFlex 340mm (13½") x 150mm (6") 335 & 307
400 SuperFlex 390mm (15⅜") x 150mm (6") 445
500 SuperFlex 440mm (17⅜") x 150mm (6") 555 & 550
307L Base Only suitable for 307L 307L
L2 250mm (9⅞") x 90mm (3½") L2
S2 210mm (8¼") x 110mm (4⅜") S2 (2016+)
S3 280mm (11") x 110mm (4⅜") S3 (2016+)

Also a nice fit for the 'SL2' bag for those who don't like the thicker contoured base supplied with that bag.
S4 330mm (13") x 130mm (5⅛") S4 (2016+)
f1.4 300mm (11⅞") x 100mm (4") f1.4
F2.8 250mm (9⅞") x 100mm (4") f2.8
72 110mm (4¼") x 90mm (3½") 72
Leica M Combination 225mm (8⅞) x 80mm (3⅛”) Leica M Combination Bag by Billingham


275mm (10⅞) x 105mm (4⅛")

SL2 Camera Bag

This base is not flat - it has dips designed to fit the contours of the SL2 Camera with 24-90mm lens attached.

Weekender W500mm (19⅜") x D260mm (10¼") Weekender


Please note:
- Please remember the base is included with the bags when you purchase them. The Weekender base was originally sold separately but is now included (we increased the price of the bag to enable this).
- Some people try and infer the size of the bags by looking at the bases. This is very sensible - but remember that the bags listed above are all flexible so you get a bit more room than the specifications suggest.
- We didn't list the dimensions of the 307L bag because the top of it has ridges in for the laptop slip that will be problematic in any other bag.
- When purchased separately as accessories these bases include 'Billingham England' and batch number labels sewn in. However the ones that come included in the price of the bags do not include these labels because we sew them into the outer bags instead (Translated for our Chinese customers: 由于白金汉(Billingham)的摄影包产品上均缝制带有‘Billingham England’字样的标签,随包标配的内胆包或配件上并不单独缝制此标签,另购件除外。)


Billingham 300 Superflex Base in Orange

300 SuperFlex Base in Orange (Pictured with SuperFlex Dividers and SuperFlex Flap - not included)


Dimensions: 240mm (9½") x 150mm (6")

Weight: 0.08kg (0.18lbs)

Dimensions: 290mm (11½") x 150mm (6")

Weight: 0.10kg (0.22lbs)

Dimensions: 340mm (13½") x 150mm (6")

Weight: 0.11kg (0.24lbs)

Dimensions: 390mm (15⅜") x 150mm (6")

Weight: 0.15kg (0.33lbs)

Dimensions: 440mm (17⅜") x 150mm (6")

Weight: 0.16kg (0.35lbs)

Weight: 0.18kg (0.40lbs)

Dimensions: 25mm (1") x 90mm (3½")

Weight: 0.03kg (0.07lbs)

Dimensions: 210mm (8¼") x 110mm (4⅜")

Weight: 0.04kg (0.09lbs)

Dimensions: 280mm (11") x 110mm (4⅜")

Note: This is also a nice fit in the 'SL2' bag - although the size length isn't exactly the same as the one that comes with that bag. It is thinner than the one that comes with the bag and doesn't feature the contours designed to hold the Leica SL2 a particular way.

Weight: 0.05kg (0.11lbs)

Dimensions: 330mm (13") x 130mm (5⅛")

Weight: 0.07kg (0.15lbs)

Dimensions: 300mm (11⅞") x 100mm (4")

Weight: 0.08kg (0.18lbs)

Dimensions: 250mm (9⅞") x 100mm (4")

Weight: 0.06kg (0.13lbs)

Dimensions: W500mm (19⅜") x D260mm (10¼")




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