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SuperFlex Partitions are used to separate equipment inside some Billingham bags. The dividers inside them are positioned to provide one square compartment. Please note that these are designed to work with the padded base inside our bags - SuperFlex Dividers do not have a base of their own.

With so many different lenses and other delicate equipment available today, we needed to develop quite a range of SuperFlex models to accommodate them. We think we have come up with a selection of sizes that should cover almost every need, protecting your valuable investment from the worst bumps and bashes.

When choosing it is important to remember the walls are the partitions are slightly flexible so may fit it lenses slightly larger than you expect if you are happy with a tighter fit. The grey images are a 'top down' view, the white images are the view down the shortest side.

Superflex Partitions are always 15cm front-to-back - so that the can sit front-to-back in the main compartment of a 225, 335, 445, 555, 550, 107, 207, 307, 307L or similar bag.


Superflex Partition Size Guide



- The size of the 'Superflex Flap' is W150mm x D95mm x H8mm. These dimensions do not include the size of the Velcro® strip which would add 30mm to the 'D' measurement. This size of this makes it a bit too big to fit in bags such as the Hadley Pro or Hadley Small (although a lot of people use it anyway), however it is an excellent fit in bags such as the 225, 335, 445, 555, 550, 107, 207, 307 and 307L - the same bags Superflex Partitions are designed to fit.
- When purchased separately as accessories these partitions include 'Billingham England' and batch number labels sewn in. However the ones that come included in the price of the bags do not include these labels because we sew them into the outer bags instead (Translated for our Chinese customers: 由于白金汉(Billingham)的摄影包产品上均缝制带有‘Billingham England’字样的标签,随包标配的内胆包或配件上并不单独缝制此标签,另购件除外。).



Which size will fit my bag?
All the sizes listed should fit any 550, 5-series or 7-series bag (the exception being some of the taller ones won't fit in the smaller sized bags like the 225). You should chose which Partition you want based on the lens that you intend to put in it. For example with a lens that is 10cm wide and 18cm long:

  • Would be a perfect fit in a '10-18' size
  • Could be squeezed into a '9-18' if you wanted (it would just push the sides out slightly and create a tighter fit).
  • An '8-18' would probably be too tight.
  • An '10-15' would be too short - the lens would peak over the top.
  • A '10-21' would be an option if you didn't want the lens to reach all the way to the top but certainly wouldn't fit the shorter (less tall) bags such as a 225.


Will these fit non-5 and non-7-series bags - such as a Hadley Pro?
Most of the sizes will fit in most of our bags - but they aren't designed for that. You might be best looking at the dividers sets especially designed for that bag here.


Do these dividers have a base in the bottom of them?
No the base for these dividers is the padded base of the bag itself. If you have lost your base you can buy a replacement here.


How do these attach into the bag?
These have Velcro at each end to attach to the inside of the bag. They also have Velcro on the sides to attach to each other for added stability. If you don't have Velcro inside your bag (and some of our very old bags don't) then on most old bags we can sew in a padded lining for you along with Velcro strips - we charge a fee for this and you'd need to send us the bag. To find out more please contact us.

If you don't have Velcro in the walls of your bag another option is a SystemFlex Divider Set (the type originally supplied with the bags). If you contact us at the link above we sell you one however we don't currently list them on our website (we don't like them as much as SuperFlexes!).


I just want a flat divider. Do you sell those?
Yes! Take a look at our DF Dividers here. The '15-15' size mentioned on that page is the right size to reach from the front to the back of the bag - 15cm, just like the SuperFlexes are.


I can find a size to fit my lenses, but not my camera? What am I missing?
We tend to recommend that you put your lenses and Speedlights/Flashes in the SuperFlex Partitions. We then tend to recommend that you put your camera (with or without a lens attached) in the negative space left between the SuperFlex Partitions. We don't make sizes to fit the cameras themselves - although obviously small cameras such as rangefinders with pancake lenses will fit inside some of them.


I can't find these in store?
Our official retailers are welcome to order them (some through us and others through distributors) but most avoid doing so as they are more niche than our big sellers - such as the camera bags and shoulder pads. We do ship almost everywhere in the world for orders from this website. Also there are a few retailers who do stock some sizes and not others.


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