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Model Number: 500433-70

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We make removable 'End Pockets' for some of our bags to give you the option to store a little more or keep certain things separate from the contents of your main bag. Of course some people use these as small camera bags in their own right and that's ok with us!.

They are made of 3-layer waterproof canvas or 3-layer waterproof FibreNyte - just like our camera bags. They also feature fabric-lined closed cell foam padding on the bottom, sides, front and back to protect equipment inside from bumps (apart from the 550 end pockets which don't include that).

Delta pockets feature a sewn-in belt loop on the back meaning they can be attached to a normal waist-belt securely.

They are sold singly apart from the 550 end pockets which come as a pair. 


Delta Pocket (individual) is compatible with the following bags:


The AVEA 3 & AVEA 5 (individual) are compatible with the following bags:


Leica End Pocket (individual) is compatible with:


550 end pockets (pair of) is compatible with:


Billingham End Pockets - AVEA 3, AVEA 5 and Delta

Billingham End Pockets - AVEA 3 (left), AVEA 5 (middle) and Delta (right)



External Dimensions: W80mm (3") x D40mm (1½") x H150mm (6")

Capacity: 0.32 litres (0.01 feet³)

Weight: 0.1Kg






External Dimensions: W125mm (5") x D65mm (2½") x H180mm (7")

Capacity: 1.00 litres (0.03 feet³)

Weight: 0.2Kg




External Dimensions: W135mm (5½") x D60mm (2½") x H205mm (8")

Capacity: 1.00 litres (0.03 feet³)

Weight: 0.2Kg



External dimensions End Pockets (x2): W180mm (7⅛”) x D80mm (3⅛”) x H210mm (8¼”)

Internal dimensions End Pockets (x2): W150mm (5⅞”) x D75mm (2¾”) x H190mm (7½”)

Capacity (each): 2.25 litres (0.08 feet³)

Weight (each): 0.12 kgs (0.26 lbs)


Please be aware these end pockets only fit the 550 bag. Also please note that these pockets are unpadded.





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