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In some countries, we supply our products with a Drawstring Bag as a tote cover. We've been asked by customers to offer these for sale to those people who did not have one through those sales channels; so here they are!

Some people also use them to store clothes in while going on holiday.


Size A fits:
Airline Stowaway, Compact Stowaway, AVEA, Delta Pockets, Tablet Slip, Galbin 8,
- Dimensions: 250mm (9⅞") x 350mm (13¾")


Size B fits:
L2, 106, 107, Hadley Digital, Hadley Small, Hadley Small Pro, Hadley OriginalHadley Pro, Hadley Pro 2020Hadley One, Rucksack 35, S2, S3, S4, f1.4, f2.8, Thomas, 72 bag, SL bag, Pola Stowaway, Laptop Slip 13", Laptop Slip 15", Galbin 10
- Dimensions: 450mm (17¾") x 550mm (21⅝")


Size C fits:
Hadley Large, Hadley Large Pro, 206, 207, 306, 307, 307L, 225, 335, Eventer, Rucksack 25, Overnighter
- Dimensions: 500mm (19⅝") x 650mm (25⅝")


Size D fits:
445, 555, 550, Packington, Weekender
- Dimensions: 600mm (23⅝") x 800mm (31½")


Billingham Drawstring Bags


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