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Posted on November 08 2016

Got some questions about Billingham the company, its camera bags or its future? Now's the chance to get them answered!


Billingham Emulsive community interview


The nice people at EMULSIVE run a site celebrating all things to do with film photography - from reviews of the best black and white film and old Bronica medium format cameras to interviews with respected photographers they do it all.

So when they asked us to do a 'community interview' in a rare moment of weakness we agreed. Basically you submit your questions to them and then they take the best and ask us - the answers get posted in their community interviews section for everyone to see. They have done similar interviews with Ilford and Lomography.

If you want to submit your questions then follow the link below to their site. Submissions close soon so make sure you get your questions in before then!

Submission link: here


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  • Billingham Team: July 29, 2019

    Hi Dick,

    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately the chances of an all leather Eventer are very low – we prefer canvas for most areas of the bag as it’s much lighter. A leather Eventer would be very heavy!



  • dick ranez: July 26, 2019

    Mike, I have several Billingham bags, but my favorite by far is the photo eventer. What are the odds of a full leather edition of that bag?

  • Mike from Billingham: October 22, 2018

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your message and sorry for delay replying! You are our first real poster I think – we are just getting used to answering on here! All that gear should fit in a ‘Hadley One’ yes – so long as you get the optional ‘Full Size Insert’.

    The camera with the grip might push the front of the bag out slightly – but this shouldn’t be problematic.

    I hope that this assists and please let me know (maybe by our contact form here: if you have any further questions!



  • Joe: October 21, 2018

    Hi There,
    Could somebody please advise me what Bellingham Bag I should buy, that will fit the following into. A Canon 5D Mark III with Grip with Canon 24-70mm L Series F2.8 Mark II Lens, Canon 70-200 mm L Series F2.8 Mark II Lens, Canon EX430 II Flash. Batteries, Lens Pen, Giotto Lens Blower, iPad 9.7 Screen. I like the look of the Bellingham ‘ONE’ Bag “I think it is a new addition”. Thankyou for any help someone can tell me with this matter.


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